YellowStone                        8 May 17

I chose the early May time frame to avoid the large summer crowds in Yellowstone.  I arrived there on10 May, and left on 12 May, the day the Southern access road to the park opened.  I thought the weather would be cold so Ly and I brought plenty of warm clothes. The 3 days we spent there was perfect weather.  It was bright sunshine and short sleeve weather.  

IMG 2736

We Spent the 1st night in Reno, NV.  The 2nd night in Twin Falls Idaho.  3 days and 2 nights in West Yellowstone (just outside the park).  We had a great time exploring the park.  We spent 1 night each in Provo, Utah, and Las Vegas, NV on the return trip.  2,608 miles total, and a great trip.  

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