Vietnam Vacation  May 16


My intent is to set this page up as the index page to the 25 day Vietnam vacation.  I took over 2,000 pictures and we saw and did a lot of things.  If I share even a tiny fraction of the experience, it would make a very large page, and it would be hard to access a specific item.  

 This page will contain links to specific items and timelines.  On the last page of each section there will be a  link to either return to this index page, or go to the next indexed item.    Click on the link below: 

LAX to Saigon to Phang Rang

Phan Rang-Beach-Picnic-Boat rides BD Party

Start of 10 day Tour - The rode to Hue, and the Imperial Palace

Bai Dinh Buddhist Temple Complex

Ha Long Bay

Yen Yu Mountain  

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

Hanio and the Temple to Learning

Road to Dong Hoi

Phong Nha River Caves

Ba Na Resort

Quy Nhon / Natrang and the Hundred Eggs Resort

Saigon and Vung Tau

The old REX Hotel

The beers of Vietnam

The Honda transportation system

How children are raised in Vietnam

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